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Learn to make gorgeous food inspired by our beautiful world…

Heathen Vegan is busy filming our first online cookery course for Jan. ’23. Exciting!
Please click on the Courses page to find out more.

Life isn’t all about swinging in a hammock, though we all need rest and recuperation. Whilst swinging in this particular hammock in gorgeous Istria this summer, my brain got busy visualising an online cookery course. I was swinging away and seeing the course in my mind’s eye. Like a clear vision, a film running in my head…

So now I’m jumping enthusiastically out of bed in the morning and I’m told my eyes are shining. Creating the course is perfect work – creating and cookery! I’m neck deep in learning new skills to bring this vision to life. Luckily I’ve met some amazing people that are quickly teaching me what I need to know to create the films that form the backbone of the course.

Warm wishes and deep thanks for taking the trouble to read this.

Heathen Vegan and our food

Cook to the seasons, avoid using plastics, create food for foodies and offer clean healthy living...just some of the things we believe in.

Homemade Food

All our food is homemade and made to order. This means that all the ingredients are fresh and there is no food waste because we know exactly the numbers we're catering for.

Clean Healthy Eating

Great food is satisfying and flavoursome, colourful and full of texture. We’re healthy people and our food keeps wholefood front and centre of what we do.

Food for Foodies

At Heathen Vegan we create dishes that will to appeal to everyone… The food needs to look great, taste great and travel well too. We enjoy being creative…

Rated 5 Star on HappyCow and Facebook

When we started, we didn’t set out to get five star reviews all round but we did and we are humbled by them. Thank you.

Delicious, fresh food

Must be the best food offer, of any genre, in Kendal. Delicious, fresh food with zingy flavours. Generous portions meant we had leftovers for lunch.

Tony Preedy

Great food

The quality of the ingredients was outstanding, the portion size was enormous and the flavours excellent.

Nicola Albert

Amazing food

Really really tasty and brilliantly cooked food with very generous portions. Fantastic thank you Julia

Karen Deakin


If you're vegan this is probably one of the best meals you will ever try! If you're not Vegan, Julia's food will probably convert you!

Samuel Greenwood

Really wonderful food

I had read the reviews and thought that they must be too good to live up to - my mistake! The most wonderful Vegan food - no, just fabulous food.


Outstanding food

Simply delicious, providing loads of inspiration and ideas to cook vegan meals. Julia and Tim accommodated our gluten free request with ease, adapting the ingredients but retaining the character of each dish. They clearly have a wealth of experience creating healthy meals and adapting meeting customers' preference and intolerances


Proper good, hearty vegan food

Generous portions of delicious grub and a tiramisu to die for. It’s not your usual, standard vegan option of falafel or chilli, it’s a proper three course dining menu.rs of the dish. Even the lime pickle is homemade



Every meal I’ve had from Heathen Vegan has been delicious. Highly recommended.

Jenny Edlington