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Love and loss

Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all

Alfred Tennyson

Absolutely. Especially poignant at the present time as my family comes together to mourn the loss of a good man affectionately known to me as Uncle John. The fact that he wasn’t actually an Uncle was a mere technicality.

Uncle John has always been there. Just like the Queen. Married to my Auntie Phyll, I was spoiled a bit because Auntie Phyll is my Godmother bless her heart. And from an early age, Auntie Phyll made me feel special. Phyll and John had been together and around for a lifetime for each other and for all of my life, so Uncle John passing away, despite having a ‘good innings’ is sad for sure.

I will always remember him for his twinkly blue eyes and his ready smile. Very mischevious. He loved motor racing and black run skiing, and built a reputable building firm still going strong. He was at ease with himself and therefore people relaxed in his presence. Not terribly tall, his was a big and significant presence to those he loved and those who loved him back.

So as I cook and work and think, I am inclined to agree with the love and loss thing. It is probably for the best, despite broken hearts sometimes, to have felt this wonderful thing we call love. I could try and fail probably to define love. For me, giving and receiving love is warm and wonderful, and a very essential part of life well lived.

So goodbye Uncle John, it was good, great, wonderful, knowing you.
I salute you! And cook in your honour this coming week.

18 Sept. ’22