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Creating Food for Foodies

Why is everything sold in double portions?

We can send one bigger box out into the environment with enough for two, or we can send two smaller boxes. We decided to be bold and send one box with plenty in it. Whilst we know that not everyone ordering has two mouths to feed, we’ve made sure all food is perfectly good after a little sit in the fridge, so say you’ll have soup today and maybe the next day or day after, and the majority of food is freezable.

As for everything else about packaging, please read on for a quick Q&A summary of what we’re up to.

What is Heathen Vegan packaging made from?

Plants. Never plastic. No no no. Never never never plastic.

What is PackagingCollect?

We’re pleased as punch to launch PackagingCollect alongside our food delivery service. We just decided that we couldn’t and wouldn’t send a whole load of potential rubbish into the environment without setting up a collection service to deal with it. We can’t care about animals and the planet on the one hand, and then ignore the global packaging crisis on the other.

What do I need to do?

Whilst you do the dishes, please wash the packaging, flatten the boxes, and pop it back into the bag your order arrived in. Easy as. Keep the bag dry. Next time we deliver food to you, we’ll collect the bag. Please leave it out for collection. We’ll bring all the used packaging back to base, consolidate it and send it for commercial composting. We cannot say fairer than that.

Is Heathen Vegan packaging compostable?


Great, I can compost it myself!

No. The small print. Packaging labelled by packaging producers as ‘compostable’ usually means that it is commercially compostable not home compostable. South Lakeland District Council does not offer commercial composting.

Is there any packaging that can be put with my household recycling?

Yes. All boxes as long as they are very very clean with NO food residue at all, none whatsoever, can be put with household cardboard recycling. If food residue is on the packaging, it will ruin the cardboard recycling process.

Everything else, so the cute little window boxes for puddings and salads, and the little clear pots you’d think were plastic but are actually sugar cane, you must return to us.

Surely there is an alternative to all this?

Of course. We’re on it. Permanent packaging is the answer. Kinda like plates with lids on. We are sourcing good options for permanent packaging that can be returned to us for commercial washing and sterilisation, prior to re-use. Now won’t that be better?

What if I don’t want to reorder? What shall I do with my packaging?

Please write to us and tell us where you are so we can swing by to collect the packaging.

Who are Heathen Vegan suppliers for packaging?

Vegware and Ingeo brands. And we’ve made sure to source labels that are compostable.

What vehicle is being used for delivery?

We’d love love love to send your food order by bike. With a human pedalling. Putting hot and cold food onto push bikes required those bikes to have a very solid and stable platform for the food bags. In our tests, a push bike gave us problems with the food quality. We call on engineers and bike enthusiasts to help solve this problem. Out of the box thinkers, please get in touch

Meantime, food orders are grouped into geographical areas and are sent out in a car that is set up for hygienic and safe food delivery, and packaging collection.