Creamy Peanut Slaw


A cracking salad in a cracking dressing. The dressing is a winner with a tiny bit of spice underneath the creamy ‘peanutiness’ and it sets off the veggies perfectly. Serves 2.

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Creamy Peanut Slaw. Crunchy shredded cabbage, carrot and red onion in a creamy dressing. Clean, refreshing and suitable as an additional side for any of the main dishes, or buy it for lunch tomorrow along with other salads. All our salads come undressed with the dressing in a separate pot, just so it will keep if you don’t eat it right away.

Serving suggestion: make an open sandwich – bread, slices of tofu, pile of salad, spoon of vegan mayo.

This portion comfortably feeds 2 adults. Leftovers should be covered and put into the fridge. It will be good the next day.


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