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Minted Asian Slaw


Enter here the perfect set of ingredients – ginger, lemon, mint, pepper, and red and white cabbage. A dressing of soy sauce and rice vinegar bind it all together. A truly refreshing salad. Serves 2.

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Minted Asian Slaw. A raw assemblage made stunning with the use of fresh mint. Shredded cabbages, pepper and fresh ginger, with mint leaves. This is what you would call clean eating. You don’t need to detox if you eat this sort of food. All our salads come undressed with the dressing in a separate pot, just so it will keep if you don’t eat it right away.

Serving suggestion: you could top this with some sprouted beans if you have them, and we’d choose chickpeas as the right bean for this.

This portion comfortably feeds 2 adults. Leftovers should be covered and put into the fridge. It will be good the next day.


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