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Rediscovering happiness

So I felt the call of the wild and was able to flee to Scotland with plenty of outdoor gear and Georgia. A flagrant display of my need for simplicity. Destination? Skye.

Surely Tolkien came to Scotland? Surely he wandered here? On the way to Skye, my first day, I travelled into Glen Nevis then walked through big green trees to visit Steall Falls. Georgia was skittish as we walked through the woodland… She came to a stop abruptly at times and stood, tautly alert, hair on her back raised… I fully expected a hobbit to appear with steaming tea. To reach the falls I had to cross the hard steel of a wire bridge, at odds with the magic… The falls were powerful and perishing. Not long for my bare foot to freeze.

I fully expected a hobbit to appear with steaming tea

On leaving Glen Nevis, I was struck by the view in the mirror… how the valley could heal, soothe or simply inspire. A new dish presented itself in my mind’s eye… Clean and green involving a clear dome of sugar… A pudding. Sorbet. Clear jellies. Fun. Creativity freely flowing. Mouth popping.

The drive to Skye finished up a winding road of dark raining landscape. Quiraing (koo-rang). From hobbits to The Wild Sheep Chase in the land of Murikami novels… not quite sure what was going to happen, Georgia and I slept… But before we did, there it was. Strip it all away. Have just what you need. Get outside and it comes knocking. Happiness.